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For the last five years, my good friend Elissa McLean from Express Fluency and I have teamed up to provide summer language courses and pedagogical training for teachers. What started with a single room of participants in a small town in Vermont has grown into a full-fledged conference that hosted almost 900 teachers online last summer! (You can scroll down to see the kinds of things teachers said about it.)

This is one of my favorite conferences and I'm thrilled that TeachHuman Site-Wide Pass-holders will be able to join with a hefty $40 discount!

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Note: For the Express Fluency discount, you must be a TeachHuman member from the time when you register for the conference, through the conference itself—but I hope you remain a member much longer!

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What People Say

Praise for last year's Conference in the Cloud

There are a few moments in my teaching history that I consider turning points in my instruction and this week is one of them! ...The presenters at the conference are AMAZING!!!!!  ~Carla

I have had a blast so far and my brain is trying to process it all. So many great ideas and presentations. Best conference ever.  ~Jen

This is the most beneficial conference I have ever attended...I will never go back to how I used to teach Mandarin before. ~Roger

I couldn't sleep last night because I was thinking about all the great ideas! ~Melissa

This conference fell into my lap at the exact right time...I feel refreshed, I feel renewed, I feel prepared...I feel so much more confident and ready, whatever my school decides to do. ~Stephanie

I thought all of the presenters were absolutely wonderful and very, very well-prepared and willing to share their tricks of the trade and to be able to give us such great ideas for the upcoming year. ~Steve

This is my third year in a row attending Express Fluency's conference, and I would not trade it for anything. It is worth more than the price tag.  ~Anonymous (from the conference Padlet page)

There are always simultaneous sessions over which I am torn during in-person CI conferences with many amazing presenters. And I always regret having to choose one session over the other. But this year, you ARE able to see every SINGLE SESSION on video at your own LEISURE! ~Anonymous (from the conference Padlet page)

The name [of the conference] is perfect, because I am on Cloud 9.  ~Angie