These slides, images, and tutorials will help you support students’ exposure to and comprehension of Latin while enjoying a visual environment of Latin-influenced spaces—whether you’re teaching online, face to face, or in a hybrid situation.

The materials are thoughtfully designed so that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel if you transition between teaching online and in person, or you have to do both at the same time. Slides and images are ready to use as-is, but also easily customizable for your purposes, as described in the tutorials.

Some screenshots from the slide decks & tutorials

What's Included

Four explanatory videos (combined runtime 56 minutes)

  1. Overview and explanation of the types of images, text, and slides included, why to use them, and some ways of using them with students.
  2. Tutorial within Powerpoint on how to edit pictures, text features, and layouts for optimal virtual backgrounds, shared slides, and face-to-face instruction.
  3. Further pointers on quickly adapting the included slides to your needs and preferences.
  4. Tutorial on exporting slides from Powerpoint as images, importing images to Zoom, going back and forth between Powerpoint and Google Slides, basic editing in Google Slides, and exporting slides from Google Slides.

Two Powerpoint files

  1. Non-language-specific photographic and graphic slides to use as backgrounds or however else you wish, as-is or edited.
  2. Latin-specific photographic slides with and without text to use as virtual backgrounds, as screen-shared slides, or face-to-face. Text includes question-words, high-frequency verbs, common function words, rejoinders, and short poems.


Two folders of image files

These contain every slide in the above described Powerpoint files, converted to images so that you can easily use them as virtual backgrounds. (Note: Video 4 includes a demonstration of how to convert individual slides and entire slideshows to images, so that you can also easily make your own based on the included slides.)

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