My Latin 2 classes adore the new Acroamata Tranquilla recordings! We've been using them as part of our existing centering/warm-up slot with beautiful results. Numerous students ask for De spirando every day. Thank you so much for creating these wonderful resources. They are invaluable in the Latin classroom. Thank you for caring about the well-being of those you teach and those you help teach more humanely.

~ Evan D.

Justin speaks Latin in a way that is expressive and authentic, full of idiom and careful, deliberate word choice. He also speaks in a way that is inviting to those around him, using his humor, his kindness, and his intuition to engage people in conversations whose purpose is not just to practice a foreign language but also to connect as people.

~ Anna Andresian, award-winning Latin teacher and software developer

A New Way to Hear Latin

Enjoy peaceful calm and solidify your Latin at the same time!

The first product of its kind, this collection of 25 peaceful audio tracks—more than two hours’ worth of Latin listening enhanced by professionally produced background music and sound effects—is geared toward Latin teachers, students, and autodidacts who want to soak up the language while cultivating their overall wellbeing. Designed to be worth listening to repeatedly for both the linguistic and the affective benefits, Acroamata Tranquilla can be used for classroom warmups or transitions, as the centerpiece of a lesson, or outside the classroom for listening practice, general relaxation, or even improved sleep. More specific tips for both learners and teachers are included among the materials.

All the scripts are original Latin texts by Justin Slocum Bailey, using classical Latin vocabulary and syntax, and range from breathing exercises and body relaxation to evocative descriptions of scenes and journeys. Listeners will become comfortable with a large range of high-frequency vocabulary, idioms, and constructions. To support the learning process, the audio tracks and tips are accompanied by full Latin transcripts and Latin-English interlinear versions. (Latin-Spanish coming soon!) The scripts can thus also be treated as texts to be read, with the recordings as aids to help the texts come alive.

The recordings come in pairs, with the first version being shorter and simpler, the second longer and more complex. Users can progress from the simpler to the more complex versions, or use them separately based on proficiency level and time available.

A detailed overview of the contents is shown below and in the Free Preview, which also allows you to listen to multiple samples.

Like all other current and future content at TeachHuman, Acroamata Tranquilla is included in the Site-Wide Pass.

Acroamata Tranquilla is also included in the Latin Teacher Lab, along with demo videos, coaching session, lesson plans, and more!

Note: though Thinkific (the service with which this page is built) refers to all products as “courses,” Acroamata Tranquilla is not a Latin course per se, but a collection of recordings, texts, and tips for their use.

For a limited time, get Acroamata Tranquilla and all the support materials at a rate of just $1 per track!

Justin Slocum Bailey took a language most people consider long dead and brought it to life as if it were the lyrics to my son’s favorite song. He not only taught him the joys of language—all language—but he also inspired him to approach life as a deep thinker, a global communicator, and a passionate advocate for the interconnectedness of all people. And he ignited in him a passion for learning that has extended into every part of his life. I will be forever grateful.

~ Ed Solomon, screenwriter (Men in Black, Charlieʻs Angels, Bill and Tedʻs Excellent Adventure, Now You See Me)


  • 01

    Welcome & Contents

    • Welcome

    • Overview of Contents

  • 02

    Daily Practices for Love and Happiness

    • Daily Practices for Love and Happiness

  • 03

    Recognizing What You Need

    • Recognizing What You Need

  • 04

    A Break for Self-Compassion

    • A Break for Self-Compassion

  • 05

    Self-Kindness — Part 1

    • Self-Kindness — Part 1

  • 06

    Self-Kindness — Part 2

    • Self-Kindness — Part 2

  • 07

    Loving-Kindness through the Body and Beyond

    • Loving-Kindness through the Body and Beyond

  • 08

    Awareness of What You Like about Yourself

    • Awareness of What You Like about Yourself

  • 09

    Breathing Compassion for Yourself and Others

    • Breathing Compassion for Yourself and Others

  • 10

    Overcoming Grudges with Forgiveness

    • Overcoming Grudges with Forgiveness

  • 11

    Ordinary Kindness

    • Ordinary Kindness

  • 12

    Wishing Well-Being for Ourselves and Others

    • Wishing Well-Being for Ourselves and Others

  • 13

    Mp3 Downloads

    • Mp3 Versions of All Recordings

For a limited time, get Acroamata Tranquilla and all the support materials at a rate of just $1 per track!

What People Say

Feedback on Justin's courses and training

One of the most inspiring teachers, and humans, I've had the pleasure of knowing.

Justin has astonishing vision for big-picture language-learning goals and how to achieve them through day-to-day, small-picture processes.

Justin Slocum Bailey is the ultimate educator.

JSB is my new hero. I mean, I really enjoyed watching him work and hearing him speak. He's authentic, intelligent, sincere. The real deal.

Justin’s enthusiasm and sense of humor were amazing!

Justin should be the keynote speaker at every conference!

I truly didn’t want today to end! This is the type of professional development that teachers crave.

One of the best speakers I have seen in my entire career!!

My new mantra is "Teach like JSB is watching!"

Awesome energy!

Justin's ease with students is pure magic.

Whenever I face a pedagogical decision, however big or small, I ask myself, "What would Justin do?"

Holy gifted batman! Justin's command of a classroom is amazing.

I learned a mountain of wonderful strategies!

He was so engaging and so entertaining. SUCH a great speaker and so inspirational!

I've never met a teacher more excited for or more skilled at teaching a language through whatever methods work for his students, whether they be formal and traditional or cutting-edge.

Justin was great. I like that he is animated, yet low-key. He inspired me to recommit to a focus on communication as the essential task in my classes.

Quería darte las gracias por la clase de hoy, en verdad fue muy divertido e inspirador. Estaré al pendiente de tu vuelta a México para volver a tomar otro taller. ¡Gracias!

Ausgezeichnet! Your energy and true caring shone through so beautifully.

Justin is an amazing presenter.

One of the greatest teachers I have ever encountered.

His enthusiasm and engagement model so well.

You treated everyone in the class like they mattered PERSONALLY to you. You looked them in the eyes, you remembered their names, you TOLD them they were interesting. You were laughing, they were laughing, and you let the mistakes be part of the fun. Their successes were yours - you were EXCITED by their success.

What I appreciated most was the specific activities I learned, combined with Justin’s willingness to engage with our questions and ideas.

An amazing experience.

Justin's presentation freed me up to do what I have long felt was best.

Your (Justin's) exemplary skills + empathy + humor. An inspiring model.

A totally accomplished and expert presenter! I will be studying this presentation in depth.

The kind of teacher/presenter I'd like to have a beer with.

I learned by experience that I really can do this!