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Why Improv for Educators?

In a time of chaos, confusion, and ever-growing demands on your time and mental energy, Improv for Educators is an opportunity to take a moment for yourself, while simultaneously growing as a teacher. Improv for Educators highlights the intersection of improv and teaching principles, and gives participants an outlet for creativity and expression. In these hands-on workshops and courses, we

  • explore teaching principles through short-form improv games
  • discover the pedagogical power of letting go and acceptance
  • engage in whole-body listening that allows us to better connect with our students
  • re-engage in our child-like sense of play and discovery

Whether you’re teaching virtually or face-to-face, Improv for Educators will empower you to let go of what you cannot control, bounce back more quickly from inevitable changes in plans, and bring more fun into your classroom culture. See what can happen when you allow yourself to embrace the unknown and live more fully in the moment!

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Following the success of the fall 2020 workshops, we are planning more one-time events, as well as a multi-week course for those who want explore their craft even more deeply. We can let you know when the next event is scheduled—just enter your email below!

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What People Say

Feedback on Ashley's classes and workshops

Ashley taught me the skills and gave me the confidence to break out of my comfort zone and enjoy playing in the moment.  ~ Kate B.

Everyone should take Improv! The skills you learn in just one class will make you a better listener, hone your memory skills, and encourage playfulness and creativity. Ashley is an incredibly supportive and attentive teacher. She makes class a safe space and empowers students to take risks and tap into what brings them joy.   ~Emily K.

As an improv teacher, coach, and performer, Ashley Davis is the real deal. I joined her class as a nervous beginner but by the end she had made me feel completely at ease. I learned a ton from Ashley about trusting my instincts, supporting my scene partners, and being confident as a speaker and performer. In any class Ashley teaches, students feel truly accepted, supported, and seen.  ~ Beth S.

Ashley was my very first improv teacher and changed my life! Seriously, and with no hyperbole. Her classes gave me confidence and comfort in being myself (that I never knew I had) that I use not only on an improv stage, but in my daily life as well. She created an incredibly welcoming and creative space that allowed each student to discover and grow at their own pace and comfort level. There was absolutely no discomfort, judgment, or anxiety. It was only shared laughter, learning, and personal growth. For me personally, the class and the way Ashley taught it was a revelation and a new way to look at the world and live in the moment. I loved it so much and can't recommend taking an improv class (especially with Ashley as a teacher) enough.  ~ Matt E.

What can I say about Ashley as an improv teacher…Ashley is a special person and a talented Improvisor.  The best part of her class was her ability to explain without judging, ability to be very direct in a playful way, and most importantly creating an environment where everyone feels safe and appreciated…Joining her class one of the best choices I have ever made.  ~Eric B.